NEW H9122 Micronode!

The H9122 Micronode is a great troubleshooting tool that no fiber tech should be without. With a wide range +3 to -12 dBm optical input, the uNode functions as a complete optical receiver, with 47-870 MHz bandwidth. Using a low noise Pin Diode and preamp, the uNode delivers remarkable Carrier-to-Noise performance, typically >54dB for 0 dBm/1mw optical input! With dual gain stages and a 20dB range RF attenuator, the uNode can drive as little as 1 TV set, or more than a dozen. The Pin Diode has an operational wavelength of 1260-1600nm, so the uNode can be used with conventional 1310nm transmissions, 1550nm longhaul, or even CWDM links! Available immediately with either SC/APC or SC/UPC connectors, at the low introductory price of $149!
More features:
Optical Input Status LED - goes off at <-12dBm
Enclosed in a metal shell for full shielding and ESD protection
Excellent flatness and linearity from 47-870 MHz
High Gain and Low Noise makes the uNode perfect for FTTH applications with low received optical power
Low Power Consumption
+12 VDC Power makes it possible to run the uNode from a car power outlet or battery power!

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