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QOS5201C Rackmount Optical Switch: The QOS5000 has very low insertion loss, typically ≤0.6dB, maximum of ≤1.0dB, with advanced optical level monitoring. It is available in 3 versions: 1×2, 2×1 or 2×2 in a standard 1RU 19" housing. The unit can be changed from automatic mode to manual switching on the front panel. The optical power passed through can also be displayed on the front LCD panel.
The QOS5000 optical switch's main application is in fiber links that require high reliability. For example, it can be used with dual CATV 1310nm or 1550nm Optical transmitters to provide redundant paths, or as an EDFA hot-backup automatic switch. The QOS5000 optical routing switch is mainly used to create a protected optic path, with a self-healing ring network.
More features:
• High Speed optical level sampling for better resolution.
• Standard RS232 communications port.
• Integrated SNMP network management function.
• The switch mode can be either automatic or manual.
• Switching optical reference level can be set by the front panel or across the network.

Available models:
• QOS5101 (1×1) Optical Switch
• QOS5201 (2×1) Optical Switch
• QOS5102 (1×2) Optical Switch
• QOS5202 (2×2) Optical Switch

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