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OLT2600R Rackmount Transmitter: The QFRF OLT2600 satellite L-Band optical transmitter uses a direct-modulated, highly linear, non-cooled 3 GHz DFB laser diode to transmit 950~2600MHz L-Band signals from a receiving satellite dish to the headend or remote receivers. By utilizing singlemode optical fibers, the link is very transparent, with excellent CNR and distortion performance.
More features:
950~2600MHz operational bandwidth, transmitting all satellite L-Band analog and digital signals, including frequency stacking applications.
Wide selection of optical wavelengths: 1310nm (standard), 1550nm, CWDM, and 1550nm ITU Grid.
Built-in wideband AGC amplifier.
Automatic Power Control (APC) circuitry to maintain constant output power as laser ages.
Can supply 12VDC or 18 VDC to LNB to accommodate DirectTV Polarity switching .
When used along with the QFRF QOS5102 Optical Switch, a self-healing ring architecture can be implemented.
Use of singlemode fiber resists electromagnetic or radio frequency interference, and is immune from lightning damage.

OLT2600 Desktop Transmitter: The desktop version of the OLT2600 transmitter is an economical alternative where a standalone L-Band transmitter is needed. It can provide +12 VDC power only to the LNB.

Quick Datasheet
OLT2600 Transmitter Specification and Operating Manual

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