NEW MN1000-40-1W 1-Way Mininode with SNMP

MN1000-40-1W Mininode: The MN1000 optical receiver can be used for CATV network, digital networks and telecommunication networks. It especially suitable for the FTTx networks where the fiber is extended to the building, with output ports directly feeding subscribers with no additional amplifiers needed. The MN1000 optical receiver input power range is -9dBm~+3dBm, with an optical AGC adjustment range of 8~+2dBm. Within this range, the unit is capable of up to 46dBmV, with a CNR >47dB at -6dBm optical input. 120VAC power is converted to 12 volts DC through the external power adapter to feed the receiver’s circuitry.
More features:
• 47~1000MHz working bandwidth
• Complies fully with the national standard SNMP for both remote or local management of the optical receiver’s settings, as well as full management via a webpage.
• Excellent surge suppression circuitry with improved the anti-lightning strike and power surge suppression.
• Stable optical AGC function over an input power range of -8~+2dBm
• Utilizes low noise, high performance GaAs chips for greatly improved C/N and non-linear distortions, while also significantly reducing the power consumption. Total power consumption of the receiver is less than 7W
• Strict reliability testing with an MTBF greater than 100 thousand hours
• Utilizes an excellent optical detector with a responsiveness greater than 0.9A/W.
• Real time display of the status of the Optical Input Power(OP),Output RF level(RF), Attenuator value(ATT), and Equalizer value(EQ) via LED readout, including real time setting of the Attenuator and Equalizer values.
• External high quality switching-power adapter which has 3C certification

MN1000-40-1W Datasheet

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