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FT1502D 1550nm Fiber Transmitter: The FT1502D AM laser transmitter delivers high performance signal transmission of NTSC, PAL, digital or compressed digital information for CATV and/or telephony applications. It is based upon custom high-linearity, optically isolated DFB (Distributed Feedback) lasers, which are specifically designed for multi-channel AM video applications. The units are packaged in slim 1.75 inch high, 19 inch rack-mounted enclosures. Each unit is fitted with a self-contained UL-Listed power supply with 85-254V AC input, 47-63 Hz for International use.
All internal laser parameters and monitoring functions are under microprocessor control. The front panel VFD displays status information related to laser operation.
Typical Applications:
• The FT1502D is quite useful in situations that are fiber-poor. In many applications, the only fiber linking two buildings is already in use for a 1310nm data link. By simply installing inexpensive WDM's on both ends, that same fiber can be used to also feed Cable TV video services to that building, without any impairment to the data services! Please call Jeff with details of your particular application.
• The FT1502D also makes an inexpensive driver transmitter for an EDFA fiber amplifier. For less than half the price of an externally modulated 1550nm transmitter, the FT1502D has more than enough optical power to drive 1 or 2 EDFA's! A typical application would be in fiber-only CATV delivery, like Fiber-to-the-Home, FTTB, FTTC, PON, or similar architectures.
• The FT1502D can also be used for narrowcast overlay. If you have certain channels that only need to serve one service area, the 1550nm narrowcast channels can be simply overlayed optically on the same fiber.
• The FT15xxD is available in higher output powers, as much as 10dBm/10mw! Please call with your particular needs

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