NEW FT13xxEG Economy 1 GHz 1310nm Fiber Transmitters! In stock and ready to ship.

FT13xxEG 1310nm Fiber Transmitter: The FT13xxEG AM laser transmitter delivers high performance signal transmission of NTSC, PAL, digital or compressed digital information for CATV and/or telephony applications. It is based upon custom high-linearity, optically isolated DFB (Distributed Feedback) lasers, which are specifically designed for multi-channel AM video applications. The unit also features a GaAs driver amplifier and predistorter circuit, which together provide exceptionally low noise and inter-modulation characteristics. Automatic output power control, coupled with temperature stabilization provided by a thermoelectric cooler, ensures maximum performance and longer laser life. The units are packaged in slim 1.75 inch high, 19 inch rack-mounted enclosures. Each unit is fitted with a self-contained UL-Listed power supply with 85-254V AC input, 47-63 Hz for International use.
All internal laser parameters and monitoring functions are under microprocessor control. The front panel VFD displays status information related to laser operation. Optional Alarm relay contacts on the back of the unit can provide remote warning in the case of a disabled transmitter.
More features:
• Transmits NTSC, PAL, digital, or compressed digital information for CATV and/or telephony applications
• 1310nm operation
• Optically isolated distributed AM feedback laser with predistorter
• 47-1000MHz RF input bandwidth
• Up to 110 NTSC channels
• Front panel -20dB RF test point
• Low RF drive levels required due to built-in RF amplifier
• Output power from 2mw to 32mw available (3dBm to 15dBm)
• Microprocessor-controlled diagnostic testing from front panel or remote monitoring

Quick FT13xxEG Datasheet
FT13xxEG Owners Manual

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