NEW FORCE / EMCORE 2801 Links! In stock and ready to ship.

Force / Emcore 2801:The 2801 PRO 5 Channel CATV VSB/AM Video Link provides a high-quality system for transporting five video channels over multimode fiber with complete EMI immunity. The use of state-of-the-art 1300 nm LEDs and PIN detectors allows the 2801 PRO to operate at exceptional performance levels. The link offers excellent analog bandwidth that ranges from 5 to 350 MHz (typically 400 MHz), allowing transmission of all sub-band, low-band, FM, mid-band, and high-band channels. This system also offers excellent performance at lower channel loadings. The 2801 PRO provides an inexpensive option for transmitting high-quality video, making it an obvious choice for video delivery services using multimode fiber.
• The 2801 links have recently been successfully tested with 7 64 QAM carriers, making it possible to carry up to 70 Standard Definition channels!
Quick 2801 Datasheet
2801 Owners Manual

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